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In 2016, Rheinland egger proudly landed on CCTV and was broadcast continuously on five major channels of China Central Television: CCTV1, CCTV2, CCTV7, cctv10 and cctv15

2016, the first to log on to the five major channels of CCTV

2016, Rheinland egger proudly landed on CCTV and broadcast continuously on the five major channels of CCTV, including CCTV1, CCTV2, CCTV7, cctv10 and cctv15, becoming the first and only customized brand in Southwest China to broadcast advertisements on the five major channels of CCTV at the same time

blockbuster news 2017, log in to CCTV again with honor

in 2017, Rheinland egger once again joined hands with CCTV to shine on the stage. The brand image advertisement of Rheinland egger will continue to be broadcast continuously on CCTV CCTV1, CCTV4, CCTV7, cctv10 and cctv15

Rheinland egger is the chairman unit of "China overall home furnishing alliance", the top 500 developing enterprises of "China Pan home furnishing", the vice chairman unit of the "customization 100" leading plan of the national large home furnishing service system, the top ten brands of Chinese wardrobe, the top ten brands of Chinese wardrobe, Vanke excellent wardrobe supplier, dealers praise brands, and consumers love brands. In the brand development process of Rheinland egger, it has established cooperative relations with Baidu, 360, Asia Pacific home, China wardrobe network, Huiya information, Jiuzheng building materials network and other major media platforms, and has won dozens of awards

the German essence that Rheinland egger adheres to makes Rheinland egger always adhere to a serious and responsible attitude towards customers and products, and win the trust and respect of customers with sincerity to people, doing things in good faith, good reputation and public praise

Rheinland egger's landing on CCTV marks the further expansion of Rheinland egger to a national customized brand, It also represents the "true character" of Rheinland egger "Our business philosophy and the dual core driven model of product quality and brand service have been recognized by the majority of consumers.

in 2017, we will once again work together with CCTV to shine on the stage, let's count down together and witness the strength of CCTV brand.

Rheinland egger to genuine taste

true service

always pursue perfection

we invest on channel service

real materials

true beauty"t Real

carefully select every inch of material

we choose excellent material

authentic design

perfect interpretation of humanized design concept

we insert on human design

serious manufacturing

true manufacturing

deeply grasp the essence of German manufacturing

we advocate Germany manufacture spirit

Rheinland egger is worth choosing




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