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From March 23 to March 26, 2016, Xiyingmen made a stunning appearance at the 21st China International Construction Trade Expo (Shanghai Construction Expo). The reporter of home hotline interviewed Shen Jianqiang, executive vice president of Zhejiang Xiyingmen Wood Industry Co., Ltd

home hotline: most enterprises will make some adjustments to their products before the exhibition. What products did Xiyingmen focus on this exhibition

President Shen: Xiyingmen has launched various high-quality products according to the needs of different consumer groups. In today's increasingly diversified consumer demand, with strong R & D strength, we can create all kinds of high-quality products to cope with the changing market environment. In this Shanghai Construction Expo, we have brought the "liansen" series of wooden door products, highlighting the fashion and simple route, mainly for the post-80s and post-90s broad consumer market, to meet the needs of consumers in different regions for wooden door products. And through the stage of this exhibition to show our R & D strength of Xiyingmen

home hotline: the new environmental protection law known as "having teeth" has been implemented for one year. At the national two sessions, building an ecological environment has also become a hot spot. I would like to ask whether there is a relevant plan to do its part for environmental protection this year

president Shen: we focus on creating fashionable and environment-friendly products full of youth and vitality. Most enterprise wooden doors contain MDF. This time, we launched a new product without MDF, which is very eco-friendly. Xiyingmen's check on environmental protection standards is comprehensive. From raw materials, to production, installation, and even after-sales, strict standards have been formulated in all links, and special personnel are responsible for testing and supervision. We put forward the slogan of "building a green enterprise and creating a green environment", which is to take environmental protection as a mission of Xiyingmen, and we should strengthen our faith and implement it consistently

home hotline: Xiyingmen exhibition is very popular. What is your expected effect of this exhibition

president Shen: we have signed a strategic cooperation agreement with CCTV's struggle column, which has become a new milestone in the development of Xiyingmen brand. Based on the long-term perspective, we will go hand in hand online and offline. The flagship store of Xiyingmen tmall is about to open, and the nationwide market promotion is also in full swing. Through this China Construction Expo (Shanghai), Xiyingmen aims to improve the brand's popularity and reputation, enter the national market with a better and faster attitude, and bring Xiyingmen's brand culture of "love in heart and happiness in home" to thousands of households across the country. This exhibition also achieved very good results





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