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On December 11, the joint signing activity of the two presidents of Rheinland egger Sichuan Dazhu franchise store - "born for love" came to a successful conclusion. This activity is a special activity of "0 aldehyde" promoted by Rheinland egger and Wanhua grass incense board in Dazhu

on December 11, 2016, the joint signing activity of the two presidents of Rheinland egger Sichuan Dazhu franchise store - "born for love" came to a successful conclusion. This activity is a "0 aldehyde" special activity launched in Dazhu by Rheinland egger and Wanhua Hexiang board with the full support of the two presidents

the whole process of this activity was planned and operated by Rheinland egger headquarters, and the implementation was organized. We will try our best to help the Dazhu family do a good job in this event from all aspects, such as the theme, atmosphere, publicity and implementation methods of the event

activity implementation

the elite of Rheinland egger headquarters led to help promote the activity


in late November, teacher Qiu Youcheng, head of Rheinland egger marketing department, led the elite team of marketing department to the Rheinland egger store in Dazhu. Mr. Qiu has rich experience in blasting activities. As soon as he arrived in Dazhu, he began to further understand the store situation and local market of Dazhu specialty stores, and formulate and modify the activity plan more reasonably according to the actual situation


in order to better create team cohesion and overall ability, Mr. Qiu first conducted a team training for the store staff, assigned tasks for this activity, and led the market elite of Rheinland egger headquarters to integrate into the team, become a member of the Dazhu terminal team, and participate in the publicity and promotion of the activity throughout the process


at the same time, Rheinland egger marketing center also responded positively to this activity. The planning department of Rheinland egger plans the theme and materials in the whole process, and submits them to the network department to produce H5 pages and online publicity, so as to better promote the promotion and implementation of the activities

in order to welcome the double president signing meeting and show our customers the positive team image of Rheinland egger, the Dazhu family braved the cold and worked overtime in the evening rehearsal

the elite of Rheinland egger headquarters led the Dazhu terminal team to promote in various ways such as community, telephone and ground. In addition, Rheinland egger headquarters made a telephone return visit to the users who participated in the purchase of VIP cards, aiming to bring better service experience and brand experience to customers

on the day of the event landing, Rheinland egger headquarters sent planning, training and investment promotion managers to cooperate to create an event atmosphere and help the implementation of the event. Mr. Xu Yongkun, general manager of Rheinland egger Jiujiang factory, and Mr. Chen Yang, senior lecturer of Wanhua, arrived at the scene. The activity site was under intense preparation and layout

the activity was kicked off by the dance brought by Rheinland egger's big bamboo terminal team. Then, Rheinland egger's products, teams, services and other aspects were displayed. Hexiang board boiling experiments were carried out on site, and the real results proved that Rheinland egger made furniture as safe as fruit

at the event site, customers watch the Rhine egger brand exhibition

customers were moved by Rheinland egger's sincere character, and went to understand and place orders. The atmosphere at the signing place was hot, and orders continued

according to statistics, the Rhine egger Dazhu exclusive store signed more than 30 orders on site for the special activity of "living for love", received 380000 Yuan, and the total single value is estimated to be more than 700000 yuan. Here, we warmly congratulate Dazhu team for creating this excellent performance, and sincerely thank Wanhua team for their full support! Rheinland egger is bound to continue to make great progress and create more brilliance

Rheinland egger's true character

true love service

always pursue perfection

we invest on character service

real materials

true material

carefully select every inch of material

we choose excellent material

true design

true design GN

perfect interpretation of humanized design concept

we invest on human design

serious manufacturing

true manufacturer E

deeply grasp the essence of German manufacturing

we advocate Germany manufacturing spirit

Rheinland egger is worth choosing





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