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The signed famous model delise speaks for Hongting Yijia's brand image

the main appeal of image endorsement is that Hongting Yijia's integrated product service of overall soft decoration presents a high-quality home living environment style in tranquility, and the endorsement perfectly integrates and expresses the brand's red, white and black VI brand color system, which is also the enterprise concept of simple life, honest management and long-term foothold advocated by Hongting embroidery wall cloth

preface of Shaoxing Shiying household products Co., Ltd.: after years of ups and downs and baptism, the context of the seamless wall fabric market has been clearly visible. As a well-known brand of domestic embroidered wall fabric, Hongting has been promoting its own internal innovation to meet market changes, improving brand image, strengthening terminal construction, strengthening service quality, and upgrading product structure are the core tasks of Longyu decoration at present, The operation strategy of Hongting embroidery wallcovering has been based on the concept platform of "Hongting artist" for overall soft decoration established by the company at the beginning. According to the current market situation that seamless wallcovering is difficult to act as an independent main unit, it is also the embodiment of the internal demand of brand construction. In 2018, it has been launched into the substantive promotion stage, At present, the main business of Hongting brand project of Shaoxing Shiying household products Co., Ltd. has been transferred to the overall soft decoration field of Hongting artists

brief introduction of business changes of Shaoxing Shiying household products Co., Ltd.:

1) Hongting embroidered wall cloth: the monopoly of medium and high-end embroidered wall cloth brands

2) Hongting artist's overall soft decoration Hall: soft decoration integrated output, packaging services, products mainly include wall fabrics, curtains, decorations, pendants, decorative paintings, porches, murals, embroidery hard bags, soft bags, carpets, fabric integrated walls and other textile fabric building materials decoration products

for the business needs in diversified fields and the increasingly fierce competitive environment in the market, the company will make intensive arrangements. In the future, in order to improve the internal influence of the core brand Hongting, the company will devote its efforts to a series of actions, signing the Eastern European famous model delise to represent the brand image of Hongting, and upgrading the construction of brand systems such as visual packaging of samples and products, image videos, brand manuals, and display standard parts design, Give the majority of partners a satisfactory answer, but also give potential customers a higher demand for the concept of cooperation

Hongting artist, embroidered wall cloth ・ overall soft clothing, the choice of experts and the art of cloth all over the world, provides you with perfect services and choices, painting and weaving wall cloth art, decorate your life and my life, and achieve your dream of living




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