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As a new concept of residence decoration, the decoration of living and production space was born. Decoration development is also changing with each passing day, and has become an indispensable part of modern human social life

in the past one or two hundred years, one of the biggest changes in the world is that people's living places, lifestyles and means of livelihood have changed. Decoration, living and production space decoration was born as a new concept of residence decoration. Decoration development is also changing with each passing day, and has become an indispensable part of modern human social life

when it comes to decoration, people generally think of decoration in home decoration. Indeed, home is a private leisure space and a harbor for the soul. After all, we spend a considerable part of our life at home. The beauty and comfort of home decoration design have a great impact on the quality of life. The wall is the base of the whole home. If you want to look good, you must protect it from bottom to surface. Home decoration is a tedious thing, especially wall decoration. If you don't pay attention to product quality in the early stage, it is easy to have various thorny problems in the future. Choosing professional and high-quality wall decoration products, the problem of wall use has been improved by half

integrated wall is a new type of wall decoration material, which can be directly installed on the blank wall. It adopts gusset plate to assemble on the wall, which is convenient and efficient. For a house of 100 square meters, the general decoration period is about 15 days. It uses environmentally friendly materials, truly pollution-free, zero formaldehyde, and can be installed and lived immediately. Rich boards and diverse styles can realize the personalized choice of the owners and make the home decoration more exquisite and perfect

with the continuous construction of modern cities, the demand for tooling is increasing. If there are many processes after the hard decoration of home decoration, it may not be a particularly high requirement for the check-in time. For the tooling that needs to be used immediately, the rapid environmental protection advantage of installing and living on the integrated wall is particularly prominent. Office or new store opening can't afford to wait, and tooling has become a race against time. Whether it is shop decoration, school renovation, or office decoration, it can greatly improve the tooling time and save the tooling cost

at the same time, the integrated waterproof and easy scrubbing characteristics of the wall make the maintenance of the wall simple and convenient. The stains on the wall can be easily wiped off with a wet rag, so that the wall can always be kept clean

tscn integrated wall has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, excellent quality, green environmental protection and so on. It can be applied to thousands of households as small as hotels, restaurants, hotels, office buildings and many other public places. It can not only make current home users enjoy healthy home, but also incarnate into the charm weapon of enterprise customers, and help them attract more consumers with high-quality wall decoration

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