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The new concept home experience Hall of Egor customized furniture is in full bloom, and the four new products "Berg Manor series", "Morandi series", "Nordic feelings series" and "Athena series" are shining

new product release

the new concept home experience Hall of egos customized home is in full bloom, and the four new products "Berger Manor series", "Morandi series", "Nordic feelings series" and "Athena series" are unveiled, covering the living room, dining room, bedroom, children's room, tatami and supporting soft decoration. The new situational home experience makes you feel the unique charm of the whole house customization

[Borg Manor series]

classic solid wood is an eternal fashion

free, romantic, gorgeous, noble

the new Borg Manor series of Yigao

reveals an implicit American style -

rational planning, rich layout,

an appropriate sense of nobility for you

as soon as you enter the door, you can feel the aristocratic atmosphere. Chandeliers, paintings, TV cabinets, coffee tables, sofas, and the atmosphere of the whole space has connotation. The living room of Berg Manor series integrates audio-visual, leisure and entertainment, display, and reception functions

[Morandi series]

George Morandi

Western grey master

has opened up a new trend and fashion

new product of easy high Morandi series

elegant and simple modern home atmosphere

such as the character and characteristics of the people who love it

is not dazzling, but eye-catching

high grade grey is mysterious and quiet, soft decorations are bright and colorful, and high-grade grey meets yellow, red and white in the living room.The, Silence contains eye-catching activity, no noisy noise, only a touch of warmth, and the color matching proportion is right

[Nordic feelings series]

Nordic, pure, refined, quiet

urban style with feelings of solitude

gives people extraordinary spiritual enjoyment

New Nordic feelings series of Yigao

leads a high-quality simple European life ― ―

simple, lively, natural and comfortable

the living room is the place that best reflects home taste, with natural design, no exquisite carving, and no European luxury style, The simple lines abandon tediousness and luxury, and pay attention to practicality and comfortable experience

[Athena series]

pursue the ultimate beauty in simplicity

exquisite, elegant, aesthetical, comfortable

everything is like the ideal country described by the painter

Athena series -

natural and warm furniture style layout

is permeated with aestheticism in dignity and elegance

TV cabinets, tea tables, sofas standard in the living room, storage cabinets in the corner, semi open storage space, green plants, ornaments, It's quiet and low-key. It's unique to entertain or rest in such a bright space

Berg Manor series, a profound interpretation of the concept of full house customized live room! Morandi series, I have to say high-grade gray! Nordic feelings series, with its simple but not simple style! Athena series is compatible with luxury, elegance, fashion and Modernity in classical romantic feelings! Please continue to pay attention to more new product details





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